OWFSOne Wire File System
OWFSOkanagan Wine Festivals Society (Canada)
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Tensile strengths of the OWFs produced in this study were measured between 28 and 36MPa (Figure 3).
As there was no Tg observed in the thermograms of OWFs, there was no melting point either.
Compound/content [20] (%) Characterization (%) Pectin 42.5 29.84 [+ or -] 0.29 Cellulose 9.2 18.66 [+ or -] 0.48 Hemicelluloses 10.5 20.89 [+ or -] 0.89 Soluble sugars 16.9 Protein 6.5 Lignin 0.8 Fat 2.0 Ash 3.5 Starch 3.8 Others 4.4 about 30 DE of pectin 42.72 [+ or -] 1.10 Dry matter of OW 9.84 [+ or -] 1.21 Moisture content of OW powder 9.58 [+ or -] 0.03 TABLE 2: TGA thermogram showing decomposition rate of the OWFs: moisture loss, decomposition ratio 1, decomposition ratio 2 and residue and the maximum temperatures related to the thermal events.
The orange waste film (OWF) is plant-based and biodegradable and represents competitive mechanical properties with some of the commodity plastics.
So to make life easier for them especially for our OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), who are really supporting our economy, for the information of everybody, the formal remittance of our OFWs are US 25 billion a year and the informal remittance of our OWFs is around another US 25 billion a year so it's a total of US 50 billion.
Some 500 OWFs failed to leave for their jobs in the Middle East since the start of the year because of such a procedure imposed by the NBI and BI personnel at NAIA, according to the records of the association of recruiters.
The administration candidate said this during the last PiliPinas Debates when the presidential candidates were asked by OFWs in the Middle East through a video call how they would address the woes of OWFs in different countries.