OWLDObligation Work Limiting Date
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"Throo aall the waarld owld Gaarge would bwoast, Commend me to merry owld England mwoast; While vools gwoes prating vur and nigh, We stwops at whum, my dog and I."
I niver DID think to see t' day that I mud lave th' owld place - but I doubt it's nigh at hand!'
We'll slip-up, shoot ourselves in the foot, 'ave the owld "come down with the decorations" blip an' every single useless carthorse we've every sold will come back an' 'ave a werldie.
The identification with this play is based entirely on the fact that Mahomet, in a minor incident in the play, speaks out of a brazen head and that the Admiral's inventories of 1598 list an "owld Mahemetes head." A brazen head, however, is also required in Friar Bacon and Friar Bun gay, played at the Rose at the same time, which makes the association at best a slender one.
It talks about how me and the owld gerl are big fans of Corrie and like nothing better than to go for hand-in-hand walks on Blundellsands beach.
When he back-heeled the ball there was a roar of approval from the knowledgeable supporters at the game: "The same owld Hughie".
"It was a bit of a mix-up after Our Tony told the gaffer about that time a was in the owld Polyversity text-book coz the boffins said a was dead good speakin' vernacular an' that.
Happy Fathers Day you owld F@rt xxx Tague Ronnie i am glad you're my dad You are the best There through good & bad Lots of love your little Pest Tague Ronnie Happy first Fathers Day to the best Grandad in the world.
But Tyneside legend, "Owld Jarra Jim" Purcell says that wouldn't be the Geordie way.
There we was all wearin' our Boro sherts an' waving' our flags like after the victory parade when the lads come EIOing down Linthorpe Road on the owld Ellerman Beeline convertible.
HEAD TO HEAD:; Tony Hancock's rise to success was helped with Galton and Simpson's Hancock's Half Hour creation which has been given a modern-day slant with Paul Merton at the helm; YOU DIRTY OWLD MAN: Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell as Steptoe and Son, arguably the first realistic working-class sitcom which was created by Galton and Simpson