OWMOracle Wallet Manager
OWMOld World Monkeys
OWMOffice of War Mobilization
OWMOberwachtmeister (German: a military rank)
OWMOptical Wavelength Manager (Lightchip)
OWMOffice of Weights & Measures
OWMOne World Monopolists
OWMOne World Montessori (San Jose and Santa Clara,CA)
OWMOkinawa World Mercenaries (PC multigaming community)
OWMOneway Ministries
OWMOutwit Mashup (file extension)
OWMOffice of Water Management (US EPA)
OWMOriginal Weight Mud (oil engineering)
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To estimate population exposure of apes and OWM species in Africa to EVs, we conducted a seroepidemiologic study of serotype-specific neutralizing antibodies against 3 EV types.
This breakpoint is common to apes and OWMs, and demonstrates that the duplication arose in a unique event, and that it that has been inherited by all the species that now possess it.
OWM operated with a small staff, which Byrnes "instructed not to constitute an isolating 'layer between the director and the heads of agencies [but].
OWM operated with a small staff, which Byrnes "instructed not to constitute an isolating `layer between the director and the heads of agencies [but] .
The program will be archived for one year on the WOUNDS, Podiatry Today, ECPN, OWM and HEALTHPOINT websites.
The OWM (Optical Wavelength Manager) is a cost-effective SNMP-managed solution for optical monitoring of DWDM networks, accurately measuring the optical power, wavelength, and OSNR (Optical Signal to Noise Ratio) of 100 DWDM channels simultaneously with an update time of 10ms across the entire spectrum.
The Digital Lightwave embedded products include the NIC EP (Network Information Computer, Embedded Platform), NAA IV (Network Access Agent), and OWM (Optical Wavelength Manager).
The company and the OWM recently concluded a loan agreement which will provide up to $500,000 in additional capital to United Recycling.
New World Network has purchased the Digital Lightwave OWM for its advanced monitoring capabilities which will be used to ensure reliable operation of their Americas Region Caribbean Optical-ring System (ARCOS).
The Market Development Coordinating Council, voted to recommend to the director of the OWM that United's carpet tack-strip production project be funded with some contingencies.
Nasdaq:DIGL), a leading provider of optical networking technology and test instruments, today announced the OWM Plus as an addition to the OWM product line.
OWM represents the second wave of products and services Oriental has launched recently for its market of professionals and owners of small-to-mid-sized businesses, which currently numbers 40,000 on the Island.