OWMAOntario Waste Management Association (Canada)
OWMAOrthogonal-Waveform Multiple Access
OWMAOadby and Wigston Muslim Association
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He said that officers of OWMA had earlier held a meeting with stakeholders, market men and men, security operatives, journalists, local government and LCDA officials, Administrative office representative among others on how to develop a blueprint for the implementation of environmental sanitation in the state.
Abdulsalam who resides at number 4, Agowande street, Osogbo said for over a month, the officials of OWMA had not come to their area to pick up their refuse and having waiting endlessly without seeing them, she resorted into dumping her refuse on the median of the road.
Lake Carl Blackwell and OWMA had a more even distribution of species based on slopes of rank abundance curves (slope = -0.21, [r.sup.2] = 94.5, P = 0.006; slope = -0.26, [r.sup.2] = 95.6, P = 0.000, respectively) compared to contaminated sites, Douthat and Beaver Creek, (slope = -0.45, [r.sup.2] = 94.0, P = 0.006; slope = -0.29, [r.sup.2] = 93.9, P = 0.03, respectively; Fig.
Based on sample scores, reference sites, Lake Carl Blackwell and OWMA, were distinctly separate from contaminated sites, Douthat and Beaver Creek, on an ordination diagram.
leucopus constituted the largest percentage of captures on all sites, with the exception of OWMA (Table 1).
Therefore, species composition of small mammal communities within Douthat and Beaver Creek were more similar to each other than to Lake Carl Blackwell and OWMA. In addition, when comparing placement of centroids for each site on an ordination diagram, both contaminated sites were located further to the right along DCA axis 1 than either reference site (Fig.