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OWNOne Wild Night
OWNOprah Winfrey Network
OWNOffice World News (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
OWNOrganization of Waterfront Neighborhoods (New York City)
OWNOne Warrior Nation
OWNOhio Watershed Network
OWNOriginal Women's Network (Canada)
OWNOcala Women's Network (Florida, USA)
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has 90 shares of common stock issued and outstanding; each of the three individuals owns 30 shares.
Within a large corporation there are incentives for selling certain kinds of media, but when you have your own company you don't have to do that.
Students are asked to outline goals that they have for their work in the course for the semester, and to pose questions that they would like to answer through their own exploration of the course material and processes.
While it was still hard to imagine that one could pass by December 25 without any celebration of Christmas, I found that other religions offered their own holidays and rituals and traditions.
Media moguls, goes this line of thinking, can and do exert substantial political clout on issues affecting their own economic interests.
Mexican immigrants here do own thousands of businesses, mostly serving Mexican consumers.
Under his tutelage, Mingo appears to become a reflection of Moses's own thoughts and actions, right down to the smallest detail.
Indeed, in a national survey, 70 percent of Rent-A-Center customers said they intended to own the merchandise.
Moyer does not beneficially own any shares of Common Stock of the Company.
Lucky owns all the stock of Zeno, a corporation otherwise eligible for QSub status.
Like more and more women are doing these days, Stein found the courage to start her own business, Alexx Inc.
At the same time, it may be more practical for MBEs to grow through ongoing relationships with corporate clients-or a Tier 1 supplier anxious to jump start its own program for minority and women-owned businesses.