OWOCOur World Our Children (international adoption agency)
OWOCOne World One Church (Iowa)
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Swiezy Owoc and Stadnina Koni Pepowo are just two players in the fast-growing Polish agriculture and meat industry.
"We were super excited to file a patent on our water-stable creatine invention," says Owoc, who developed the product.
Vital Pharmaceuticals, a 20 year nutrition and beverage industry leader that is largely based on founder and CEO Jack Owoc's ability to develop and scale conceptualized ideas into actual finished products in-house.
"No doubt Redline is at the forefront of great-tasting advanced energy beverages, including our two newest flavor innovations: peach mango and mandarin orange in both the 8-ounce drink and 2-ounce shot," notes Owoc, who is also the company's chief executive officer.
Founded more than 11 years ago by sole owner and chief executive officer Jack Owoc, VPX Sports Inc.
Maryanna Owoc and Alex O'Hara of Worcester stood in a long line that snaked down Park Street as they waited to go through a checkpoint at Ash Street to bring them to a viewing area near the start.
Unlike typical energy drinks, BANG[R] contains Jack Owoc's Patented Bioactive Creatine Species by fueling Bang[R] with a water-stable creatine to increase ATP (the body's energy 'currency') without carbs or other heath-robbing nutrients like sugar.
Chief executive officer and chief scientific officer Jack Owoc founded VPX in 1993 with one goal: to produce the highest-grade sports nutrition supplements on the market, for serious individuals who were willing to pay slightly more for a product that works and delivers on its promise.
117th Ave., 33325-4647 Owoc, Vincent John (02) (954)680-8000 Vincent J.
For this reason, Jack Owoc describes BANG as the “first hybrid energy/sports nutrition beverage designed to increase ATP (the the body's energy 'currency') without carbs or other macro nutrients like sugar.
WORCESTER -- Holden native Maryanna Owoc, a senior at Worcester State University, took the stage at North High School Tuesday and described how she has done work at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute and has even performed surgeries on mice.
Holden: Meghan Belanger, Katherine Convery, Brittany Currie, Bryana Dacri, Alanna Delahanty, Dominic DiMeco, Robert Finnegan, Jessica Gleba, Benjamin Gerhardt, Kalene Griffin, Jill Harrington, Christopher Johnson, Amanda Leger, Molly Lynch, Jo-Ellen MacPherson, Maureen McShane, Nicholas Maxner, Carolyn Mshooshian, Michael Mshooshian, Kyle Murphy, Joseph Nawn, Jesslyn Orciuch, Maryanna Owoc, Jeffrey Paula, Kellie Pisa, Sarah Pisa, Jon Portanova, Benjamin Prendiville, Dominique Seles, Morgan Tienhaara, Deanna Wells, Kortni Wroten