OWPSOrton Wistow Primary School (UK)
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Effect of OWPs on Rheological and Leavening Properties of the Dough.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of adding ovine whey powder (OWP) in semolina-based doughs.
Two types of commercial OWP (Alimenta Srl, Sardinia, Italy), referred to as A and B, were added to the dough formulations at different substitution rates (0, 5,10, and 15% w/w).
We generally observed that the addition of OWP led to an increase in mixing time, consistent with the degree of substitution of semolina with OWP (Table 3).
Our data show that the addition of OWP leads to increased dough elasticity, as determined by the contribution of the stress relaxation constant [C.sub.i] to PC1 (Figure 2).
It is worth noting that the mixing time was significantly higher in the 48T samples compared with their homologous 4T samples at each percentage of whey powder (Table 3); furthermore the mixing time increased as the amount of OWP increased.
ESPLINE TP and RPR tests have been validated for use in OWPs (11).
For the OWPS, this year's competition takes place over of four main events.
A second season, OWPS 2017-Summer, starts in July and concludes mid-October, after which the OWPS Grand Finals are set for the end of the same month.