OWROfficial World Record
OWROffice of Water Resources (various locations)
OWROdenwaldwerke Rittersbach (German manufacturer)
OWROpen Wheel Racing
OWROptical Word Recognition (iArchives)
OWROsler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome
OWROffice of Water Regulation (Western Australia)
OWROntario Wrestling Recap
OWROmega West Reactor
OWROffice of Workforce Relations (US Office of Personnel Management)
OWROverview of World Religions (Religion and Philosophy department, university course)
OWROut of Warranty Repair
OWRoil and water repellent (clothes, fabrics)
OWROptical Wavelength Router (Lightchip)
OWROperations Work Request (Sprint)
OWROptical Warning Receiver
OWROverdue Work Report
OWROpen Water Regulator (SCUBA)
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After browsing through the interesting OWR website, I ordered item #114.
For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/index; OWR Ph: (406) 273-2615, Address: 446 Florence South Loop, Florence, MT59833
Caption: Many options are available from OWR, including handcrafted leather for revolvers (left) and 191 Is (right), in many designs, styles and fits.
EG-GILERO Morrisville, NC 919-595-8220 www.eg-gilero.com See owr profile on page 49
877-308-0558 www.freudenbergmedical.com See owr profile on page 68
Lyons Meriden, CT 203-238-2689 www.lyons.com See owr profile on page 100
Saint Petersburg, FL 727-570-2293 www.ndhmedical.com See owr profile on page 128