OWROpen Wheel Racing
OWROptical Word Recognition (iArchives)
OWROsler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome
OWROffice of Water Regulation (Western Australia)
OWROntario Wrestling Recap
OWROmega West Reactor
OWROffice of Workforce Relations (US Office of Personnel Management)
OWROverview of World Religions (Religion and Philosophy department, university course)
OWROut of Warranty Repair
OWRoil and water repellent (clothes, fabrics)
OWROperations Work Request (Sprint)
OWROptical Wavelength Router (Lightchip)
OWROptical Warning Receiver
OWROverdue Work Report
OWROpen Water Regulator (SCUBA)
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OWR, located in Rittersbach, Germany, has been producing decontamination equipment for over 40 years.
The OWR approach to any decontamination problem has been to provide decontaminates, emulsion mixers, and applicators for a total system solution to eliminate chemical and biological agents.
Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, United Defense is excited about this teaming with OWR, the world's recognized leader in decontamination solutions," said Tom Rabaut, CEO and President of United Defense.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of Various Road in Dholka Taluka under OWR Yojana Dist.