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OWRENOntario Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Network (Canada)
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Owren, "Parahaemophilia; haemorrhagic diathesis due to absence of a previously unknown clotting factor," The Lancet, vol.
"This groundbreaking work shows that, from the beginning, human infants have flexible vocal chops that put them on a very different developmental course than found in monkeys and apes," Owren says.
Owren, "Laughing Matters," American Psychological Association 18, no.
"I think of laughter sounds as a kind of fundamental mechanism for building up and maintaining positive social relationships," Discovery News quoted Michael Owren, an experimental psychologist at Georgia State University in Atlanta, as saying.
Cate Owren, program director of the Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), said for example that more than 40 references to gender-specific issues were incorporated in negotiating documents at Copenhagen.
Owren, and Elke Zimmerman put that question to the test.
It has been suggested that laughter is an expression of joy, happiness, and play (Darwin, 1872), a signal the danger is over (Hayworth, 1928), a signal of a false alarm (Ramachandran, 1998), a dissociation to stress (Keltner & Bonanno, 1997), a release of nervous energy (Freud, 1959), a method to enhance social bonds (Coser, 1960), or a method to elicit emotional affect in listeners (Bachorowski & Owren, 2001).
Similar results are reported by others (Murray & Arnott, 1993; Bachorowski & Owren, 1995; Siegman & Boyle, 1993).
In Enright and Muir [1999], the authors have used continuous Runge-Kutta (CRK) formulas [Muir and Owren 1993] as a basis for constructing superconvergent interpolants having global error of O([h.sup.2k]).