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OWSOperational Weather Squadron
OWSOpen Geospatial Consortium, Inc.
OWSOffice of Workforce Security
OWSOcean Weather Station
OWSOperator Workstation (Ericsson)
OWSOil Water Separator
OWSOracle Web Server
OWSOrbital Workshop (1960s NASA program)
OWSOpen Water Swim
OWSOpen Web Studio (software)
OWSOutdoor Wireless System
OWSoccupant weight sensor (automotive)
OWSOnline Web Solutions
OWSOntario Weather Service
OWSOrder of World Scouts (est. 1911)
OWSOptimal Wire Sizing
OWSOperating While Suspended (law enforcement)
OWSObsessive Website Statistics
OWSObstacle Warning System
OWSOn Wing Support (aviation)
OWSOne World Syndicate (gaming community)
OWSOverload Warning System
OWSOdfjell Well Services (Tanager, Norway oil & gas equipment & services company)
OWSOracle Workforce Scheduling (software)
OWSOily Water Sewer
OWSOpen Web Steel (joists, construction)
OWSOrbiting Workshop
OWSOptical Witness Sample
OWSOldbury Wells School
OWSOutcomes Web System
OWSOperations Workstation
OWSOttawa Watercolor Society
OWSOPC Warm Standby (Nortel)
OWSOverweight Surcharge (shipping industry)
OWSOnline Warranty Service (ASBIS Enterprises)
OWSOn Wing Services
OWSOffice of Warfighter Support
OWSOverhead Weapons System
OWSOutdoor Wood Store
OWSOverall Wellness Score
OWSOcean Work Station (Canadian Naval Forces)
OWSOrder Wire System
OWSOperational Work Station
OWSOjibway Warrior Society (Canada)
OWSOperation Warrior Support (Daytona Beach, FL)
OWSOwner Will Ship
OWSOtto Wagner Spital (German: Otto Wagner Hospital; Austria)
OWSOilfield Warehouse & Services
OWSOccupy Wall Street (protest group)
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The OGC OWS Context GeoJSON Encoding Standard specifies how to use GeoJSON to encode a context document, making it possible to transform context documents between the different encodings without loss of information.
Obviously, OWS has a tremendous opportunity to come to the region and provide a viable alternative for end users.
Several studies have indicated that soil texture beneath OWS influences phosphate treatment with fine-textured soils providing more phosphate reduction than coarse-textured soils.
All the options with their details are listed on the OWS Templates site.
He had no prior involvement with the Occupy movement, and it's likely he won't identify with OWS in the weeks to come.
In order to assess the connections between OWS and the labor movement, we conducted email interviews with four labor activists during the first two weeks of November 2011.
One of the biggest strengths of the OWS movement is the growing network of bloggers.
And, contrary to the OWS propagandists and their media allies, the occupiers do not in any way resemble the 99 percent of Americans they claim to represent.
Maybe a trip to an OWS protest site would provide some answers.
It does so without clear leadership and despite its amorphous aims, because OWS is not a movement but a vigil.
The OWS movement is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City based in the Wall Street financial district.