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Among those singled out by name is 'Baynard of Essex', who was said to have fallen down suddenly and died while out hunting with Lady Abergavenny before he could receive absolution and the last sacrament ('with owte howsill and shrifte').
Because the book represents Audelay's exact intent, the reader should neither remove the book nor excise any of its leaves: No mon [thorn]is book he take away, Ny kutt owte noo leef, Y say for-why, For hit ys sacrelege, sirus, Y yow say, Be[thorn] acursed in [thorn]e dede truly.
Instead, he bequeathed the place "to my brother Edwarde Stowers of Averstow in the Countie of Essex Smith" on condition that Stowers pay Brayne's widow 10 [pounds sterling] "for such Costes Chardges and expences [w.sup.ch] I haue laide owte ...
seke no more owte of thy self to fynde the thing that thou haist sought so long before for thou shalt fele it sitting in thy mynde.(2)
A number of words and phrases whose meaning is not obvious, at least to me, remain unexplained in either commentary or glossary: 'tender the effect' (56), 'set owte a sunnyng' (201), 'constellacioun' (304), and 'envyve' (872) are some examples.
(64) An elixir that is: '[...] full of [thorn]e flour of [thorn]e fouur well, | [THORN]at flowes owte of Paradice when [thorn]e flode ryses, | That myche froyt of fallez, [thorn]at feede schall vs all; | Be it frette on his flesche, [thorn]are synues are entamende, | The freke schalle be fische-halle within fowre howres'.
not kepinge ordre secratlye as the Byble dothe represent withowte any addytament but to declare the mateir more owte of twoe warkes muche meit therfore the twelve Patryarkes testament and a Sermon full excellent made by Effrem / a busshopp in Greece is take and gathered a great peece patched togither so well as I can.
xxiii begins by stating that the "vii asskyngys of the Pater Noster putteth owte the vii dedely synnes and purchaseth the vii geftes of the Holygooste," his subsequent discussion makes scant reference to either gifts or sins.
After seeing the woolly four-footed infant, he proclaims, 'Ill-spon weft, iwys, ay commys foull owte. / Ay so!
Indeed, Domenico Erizzo, who used Corsi for having stolen one or two of his blocks of tin from the wreck of the Sancta Maria and Sanctus Edwardus testified before the judges of the HCA that in 1546 Corsi "causyd certen Instrumentes to be made for th'only etente and purpose to wey certen gere owte of the Marye Rose lost at Portesmouth.
Gee recorded the cruelty of his master who once "swore he wold the next daye boare owte my eyes with his knife" and gave him "many evell treatments." Gee used the narrative to lift up the comforting power of Scripture, as had Mary Rowlandson in her captivity story, and he portrayed his Muslim captors as influenced by his prayers.