OWTSOscillating Wave Test System
OWTSOn-Wafer Tuner System
OWTSOther Wastewater Treatment Systems (Missouri and Northern Mariana Islands)
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These sites included residential homes served by OWTS, two of which met inclusion criteria (depth to groundwater and distance to surface water were in accordance with current state regulations).
Piezometers were installed upgradient and downgradient of OWTS flow paths for groundwater sample collection and monitoring.
Septic tank and pooled data for drainfield groundwater concentrations at sites 1 and 2 were compared to pooled data for background groundwater at both sites to help assess the impacts of OWTS on shallow groundwater.
The data from this study indicate that the OWTS at sites 1 and 2 contributed significantly to concentrations of fecal indicators in shallow groundwater.
OWTS at both sites contributed to elevated concentrations of E.
Concentrations of both fecal indicators exceeded these surface water contact standards in groundwater from both the drainfield and piezometers downgradient from the OWTS.
perfringens concentrations in the surficial aquifer decreased with closer proximity to the estuary, however with no apparent influence by the OWTS. The relatively higher background level of C.
While both Bacteroides HF183 and HumM2 markers were detected in septic tank wastewater, the HF183 marker was detected more often in groundwater samples, suggesting that it may be a more reliable marker to use as a source tracking tool related to OWTS.