OWWOne Wire Weather (weather techonology)
OWWOhio Willow Wood (prosthetic products; Mt. Sterling, OH)
OWWOccupational Wages around the World (database)
OWWOne West Waikiki (TV show)
OWWOops, Wrong Window (internet chat)
OWWOne Word Wonder (puzzle game)
OWWOrganic Waste Wash
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So we explain the principle of the SWW and OWW in Section 2; we also discuss the new method how to improve the information diffusion model based on GA.
The complete and available dataset of the authors on studies performed on OWW and OMW exiting the two-phase and three-phase olive oil extraction processes is sufficient to allow reaching conclusions which should be generally valid for other systems too.
1:09-cv-00407 OWW DLB, 1:09-cv-00480-OWW-GSA, 1:09-cv-00422-OWW-GSA, 1:09-cv-00631-OWW-DLB, 1:09-cv-00892-OWW-DLB, 2010 WL 5422597 (E.D.
OWW is an opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn about global justice, to spread that learning and to use it to take action for justice locally and globally.
Geoffrey Williams, Founder & Managing Director of OWW Consulting Pte.
households--60 to 65 million Americans--were served by some type of onsite wastewater (OWW) system (American Housing Survey, 2008).
Sometimes a Wow experience can best be achieved by avoiding an "Oww" experience, or the painful and nonproductive "speed bumps" that sites often present to their visitors.
A technically flawless recording, the numbers comprising this outstanding and inexpensive listening experience for kids include Sippy; Pop n' Hop; Potty Train; Freeze Dance; Down, Down, Baby; Ooo, Ahh, Oww!; The Grandparent Song; My Dad Rocks; No Sleep Tonight; Let's Drive; Hot Time In the Old Town; Multi-Taskin' Mama; Stuck Inside; Can you Hear Me?/1-2; Sambalele; Hush Baby, Hush Child; and the title piece Moo Juice.
Any touching of human body parts with canine teeth causes the game to end immediately, accompanied by a high-pitched, startling "OWW" from the person and the toy's being temporarily put away.
IT WAS agreed by those in the know that no-one could do a finer "Oww, owa, owaa, owaaow (or words to that effect)", while swinging through the jungle on the end of a rope, teeth shining like a TV advertisement.
(Dentist's drill--"Oww") Six weeks later, you get it fixed again.