OWWAOverseas Workers Welfare Administration (Philippines)
OWWAOntario Water Works Association
OWWAOrganization of Women Writers of Africa (est. 1991)
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The Consular Team processed 40 passport renewal applications, 13 notarial documents, 30 applications for OWWA membership, 18 new registrants for Overseas Voting (OV), and released 20 new passports.
What exactly is OWWA doing to ensure their welfare and protect them from abuse by their employers?
Yesterday, Cacdac said the monetary aid will be given by the OWWA Board of Trustees.
Cacdac also outlined the support extended by the OWWA to the grieving family.
The public can support OWWA and Yari Yari by making tax-deductible donations; see the website for details.
When one of the workers called me, I asked them to leave the accommodation and come to the OWWA shelter.
OWWA is fully-funded by a mandatory membership fee of US$25 per contract for migrants going abroad as temporary workers.
The psychological and physiological consequences of globalization have been a major part of the subject matter of the contemporary African writer," says Jayne Cortez, a poet and president of OWWA.
What exactly is OWWA doing to ensure their welfare and to protect them from abuse by their employers?
Part of the assistance will go to Demafelis' youngest sister and the ailing son of her elder sister that were the reason why she left to work abroad,' said OWWA administrator Hans Cacdac.
Peter John Calderon of the Seventh District, OWWA Deputy Secretary Josefino Torres, as well as some Provincial Board members, including Christopher Baricuatro, Yolanda Daan, Glenn Bercede, Thadeo 'Jonkie' Ouano, Sun Shimura and Earl Tidy Oyas.
Summary: New legislation allows budgetary support for OWWA and offers benefits to family members