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Organic matter can alter the crystallinity and surface area of OxAl and OxFe, which has been reported to indirectly decrease (McDowell and Condron 2001), and increase (McLaughlin et al.
1987); OxAl and OxFe (Schwertmann 1964); PSC; and unadjusted PBI (Burkitt et al.
The soils ranged in texture and P sorption, as evidenced by PBI values ranging from 6 to 480, and OxAl and OxFe contents ranging from 300 to 5900, and 700 to 12 300 mg [kg.sup.-1], respectively (Table 1).
There were significant (F'<0.()5) relationships between total P, OxAl, OxFe, Po, organic C, PSC and PBI of the characterised soils, and the changes in Ca[Cl.sub.2]-P, Olsen-P and Colwell-P, and between soil texture (i.e.
It is said that Senhor do Bonfim, which means Lord of the Good End, is associated with Oxal, the father of all the orixas.
(49.) See, for example, Allan Janik, 'Viennese culture and the Jewish self-hatred hypothesis: a critique', in Ivar Oxal, Michael Pollack and Gerhard Botz (eds), Jews, Antisemitism and Culture in Vienna (London and New York: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1987), pp.
The silty loam Ferrosol examined in the current study is commonly used for dairy pasture production in south-eastern Australia and is representative of soils with a high P buffering index (PBI) associated with high OxAl and OxFe concentrations.
The soil was a silty clay loam, classified as a Ferrosol under the Australian Soil Classification System (Isbell 1996), with a low P fertility (Olsen P 11.9mg/kg) and very high P-sorption capacity [P buffeting index (PBI) 654, oxalate-extractable Al (OxAl) 5849mg/kg, OxFe 4680mg/kg] relative to the broad range of Australian agricultural soils previously measured by Burkitt et al.
1954), total P (total Kjeldahl digest and colourimetric analysis) (Rayment and Higginson 1992), OxAl and OxFe (Schwertmann 1964), PBI (Burkitt et al.