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Organic matter can alter the crystallinity and surface area of OxAl and OxFe, which has been reported to indirectly decrease (McDowell and Condron 2001), and increase (McLaughlin et al.
1987); OxAl and OxFe (Schwertmann 1964); PSC; and unadjusted PBI (Burkitt et al.
The soils ranged in texture and P sorption, as evidenced by PBI values ranging from 6 to 480, and OxAl and OxFe contents ranging from 300 to 5900, and 700 to 12 300 mg [kg.
1954), total P (total Kjeldahl digest and colourimetric analysis) (Rayment and Higginson 1992), OxAl and OxFe (Schwertmann 1964), PBI (Burkitt et al.