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OXCOptical (WDM) Cross-Connect
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Design of efficient multi-environment trials requires hypotheses regarding the nature of OxC interactions.
Tokyo, Japan, June 14, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT; TSE: 9432) is pleased to announce the development of an IP optical traffic engineering (TE) server for an IP optical backbone network composed of IP routers and OXCs (*1).
The patients of group 1 received OXC for less than 1 year (n=121, group 2 received OXC for more than 1 year (n=111, group 3 received OXC with valproate (VPA) for more than 1 year (n=91, group 4 received VPA monotherapy (n=10).
The 'accumulation' is the most interesting features and differentiates the OXADM with other previous device such as ROADM, OADM and OXC.
In this network the needs of devices to implement add and drop function and path routing are performed by OADM and OXC devices respectively.
Since 2000, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) has been producing MEMS devices for optotelecom industry, such as WSS, VOA, and OXC devices that utilize MEMS micromirrors, as well as SiOB devices with integrated waveguides.
Several of the company's technologies include Optical Packet Routers, Optical Packet OXC, Optical Packet Add/Drop, Optical Logic Gates, Wavelength Conversion, Ultra-fast 1x2 Switches, CD and PMD Dispersion Compensation, Secured PONs, SNR Enhancers, and Fast Modulators.
ESL and OXC are orally administered and their active metabolites (S-licarbazepine [eslicarbazepine] and R-licarbazepine), as well as a small amount of residual OXC are formed in the periphery and cross the blood-brain barrier to reach their site of action at voltage-gated sodium channels.
provider of the optical networking foundation for 21st century networks, announced today the industry's first fully integrated ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer) and OXC (Optical Cross-Connect) System.
Consolidating multiple network functions (BB-DCS, ADM, MSPP, OXC, DWDM) in one highly scalable platform delivers high-density, multiservice aggregation with maximum flexibility and efficiency.
Wellbrock is the Vice President of Ondata OXC Product Engineering for North America at Marconi, where he is responsible for market requirements and product introductions.
Using OMM's MEMS-based switching modules, an all-optical, single board, single slot OXC has been developed and commercialized by Lumentis as a part of the Mentis(TM) 3000 Metro system for dynamic wavelength management in metropolitan area networks.