OXDOPRO X Designer
OXDOrdinal Effective Date (insurance; also called X-Date)
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Compared with the Zn in FI soil, Zn in EXT and RED form was higher in NFI soil, and Zn in OXD form was a little lower.
For the OXD form of Zn, the difference between both treatment was found significant at p less than 0.
In current research, the Zn in paddy soil was mostly presents in RES form, followed by OXD, RED and EXT sequentially, it is consistent with the sequence reported by Khairiah et al.
The increase of EXT form of Zn in NFI paddy soils was accompanied with the decrease of Zn in OXD form, which was bounded to sulfurs or organic matter.
Make cheques payable to Geoff Pattison and send to 1 Norwich Avenue, Elm Tree Park, Stockton, TS19 OXD.