OXDOPRO X Designer
OXDOrdinal Effective Date (insurance; also called X-Date)
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Another part of the fresh soil (approximately 1g in dry weight) was used for extraction of different binding forms [extractable (EXT), reducible (RED), oxidizable (OXD), and residual (RES)] Zn by using the modified BCR (European Community Bureau of Reference) sequential extraction procedure (Long et al., 2009), with 0.11 mol L-1 acetic acid, 0.1 mol L-1 hydroxylamine hydrochloride, 8.8 mol L-1 hydrogen peroxide and HNO3-HF-HClO4 as the corresponding extraction agents.
The Zn in paddy soil was mostly present in RES form, followed by OXD, RED and EXT sequentially.
For the OXD form of Zn, the difference between both treatment was found significant at p less than 0.1 level only in the top 020 cm at harvesting.
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