OXEOpen Experience Environment
OXESociety of Omega Chi Epsilon (Purdue University)
OXEOSOL Xpressed Entertainment
oXeOxen-Auf-Boxen.de (website)
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A carga de OXE utilizada, contudo, nao deve ser utilizada como um parametro de comparacao com a branqueabilidade, uma vez que maior carga de OXE no branqueamento nao garante melhor branqueabilidade a polpa (GRUNDELIUS, 1993).
Oxidation equivalents, OXE --an alternative to active chlorine.
Gartner Dataquest says the worldwide OXE market is on pace to reach $539 million in 2001, a 140 percent increase over 2000 revenue of $225 million.
Commenting on the purpose of the society, he said: "One objective of OXE is to recognise the academic achievements of exceptional chemical engineering students.
Joseph Costandy, a chemical engineering student and OXE president, said: "Honour societies enhance a learning environment because of the motivation they give us as students to work harder.
Chemical engineering students at the University of Illinois founded OXE in 1931.
The main advantages of OXE are: 30-45% fuel savings (cheaper operation, less emission and increased range); reliability (less break-downs) and durability (20 times longer life-expectancy).
The overall objective of the GEO (Green Efficient Outboard) project is to overcome pre-commercial barriers in order to launch OXE in 2017.
Installed to date and service platforms constitute a homogeneous network (all are OXE R9.
salum, 2014), sendo uma delas nucleada por tres atipicos oxes xango (Figura 2)
De dimensao menor do que a do MN, essa peca do museu cearense faz parte de um conjunto de pelo menos sete outras copias de pecas do museu do Rio de Janeiro, incluindo-se dois dos oxes acima mencionados.