OXEOracle Express Edition
OXEOxidizing Equivalent (chemistry)
OXEOpen Experience Environment
OXESociety of Omega Chi Epsilon (Purdue University)
OXEOSOL Xpressed Entertainment
OXEOxen-Auf-Boxen.de (website)
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A carga de OXE utilizada, contudo, nao deve ser utilizada como um parametro de comparacao com a branqueabilidade, uma vez que maior carga de OXE no branqueamento nao garante melhor branqueabilidade a polpa (GRUNDELIUS, 1993).
Yea but mast parson thynk ye it were ryght That if I desired you to make my blake oxe whight And you saye it is done, and styl is blacke in syght Ye myght me deme a foole for to believe so lyght.
"As a fourth year student, it was a great honour for me to attend this year's Convocation," said Costandy, OXE Chemical Engineering Honours Society president.
Les princesses revinrent et reprirent Oxe (le double de Xango).
The OXE part of the molecule forms a constrained four-member ring, and CHI is sensitive to UV light.
(34) The same day, Magnus wrote to the Danish Steward of the Realm Peder Oxe, asking for a 10,000 thaler loan from the King, and a valuable gift for the Tsar.
Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris:ALU) (NYSE:ALU), a network technologies company, announced on 19 November that together with Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TP) it has signed an agreement whereby TP will offer the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) system to its largest business customers.
(24) Firste I pronounce|whens that I come And than my billes shewe I all and some Our liege lordes seall on my patent That shewe I firste|my body to warent That no man be so bolde|ne preest ne clerke Me to distourbe|of christes hooly warke [...] Than have I in laton a sholder bone Whiche that was of an holy Iewes shepe Good men say I |take of my wordes kepe If that this bone be wasshe in any well If cowe or calfe | shepe or oxe swell That any worme hath eate|or hym stonge Take water of this welle & wasshe his tunge And it is hole anone [...] And sirs|also it healeth ielousy And though a man be fall in ielous rage Let make with this water his potage And never shall he more his wyfe mistriste Though he in sothe the defaute by her wyste All had she take prestes two orre.
Mrs Elsie Clarke, 7 Westhead Avenue, Northwood, Kirkby, L33 OXE.