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OXERAOxford Economic Research Associates, Limited (United Kingdom)
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Oxera explained this was because rather than modelling what could happen to the Midlands and other UK regions under the Heathrow and Gatwick scenarios, PwC split the UK into three large blocks - London and the South East, the rest of England, and the rest of the UK.
Phil Medlicott, managing director of Stagecoach North East, said: "The Oxera report is a damning independent analysis of a scheme that has already seen hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money squandered and not one single bus improvement put in place.
During this period, Oxera has built a track record and reputation in analysing public policy, price controls, developing regulatory frameworks in a number of sectors such as energy, water, transport, communications, financial services and health.
The judge said Bartlett must have seen the Oxera Summary before he published a controversial article soon afterwards that prompted the legal action.
A recent survey by Oxera concluded that the UK is not only one of the cheapest countries in which to bank, but also one of the most transparent.
Consultants Oxera said that the UK-oriented nature of Jersey's economy--in particular its retail sector--meant that pumping cash into a more frequent ferry service between Jersey and France could not be justified on economic grounds.
OXERA (1999) have pointed to lower output prices in real terms in the UK as a measure of the success of the restructuring program.
D Spaven, letter to the Guardian, 15 April 1999 Oxera.
According to a 2004 study sponsored by DTCC and conducted by Oxera, an economics consultancy in Europe, the risk from just one mishandled corporate action event could impact thousands of investor clients and cost tens of millions of euros for individual securities firms - and multi-billion euros for the global securities industry.
Oxera has calculated that, for Nexus's plans to be affordable, fares would have to rise by 5.
In order to ensure practical relevance, we first update the overview of existing guaranty funds in the European Union given by Oxera (2007) and extend the analysis internationally, to include in particular the systems existing in the U.
However, Amrac and Racecourse Media Group Ltd (RMG) insist he did just that and a copy of the Oxera summary remains in his possession.