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OXFAMOxford Committee for Famine Relief
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Oxfam is also supporting activities led by local partners Sindh Development Society (SDS) and Aurat Foundation for 16 Days of Activism across Punjab and Sindh.
Competitors can drop their entry off at the Oxfam shop in Yarm.
Tickets cost PS15 with all proceeds going to Oxfam.
Lorraine Rees from Oxfam said: "A Get Together can be absolutely anything you enjoy doing with family or friends, from a simple meal at home, to a film night at work or a poetry reading in your community.
Yet, we must still remember the good Oxfam has done.
When the Haiti accusations arose in 2011, Oxfam initiated a thorough investigation, acted strongly on its conclusions, reported the matter to the Charity Commission and even issued a press release.
So I am not going to walk away from Oxfam because this has happened.
In crisis situations, Oxfam have been the first there.
There are now nearly 10,000 people working under the Oxfam brand in more than 90 countries, but that banner has been disgraced by the actions of a few individuals.
At the same time, the company's executive director Winnie Byanyima said that Oxfam had received several complaints since it invited people to come forward with their concerns last week amid reports of charity workers paying prostitutes in Haiti while on a relief mission.
Oxfam has battled to contain the fall-out from the scandal, and Goldring faced personal criticism after he was quoted in Saturday's Guardian newspaper as saying: "The intensity and ferocity of the attacks makes you wonder, what did we do?