OXIRMOxford Institute of Retail Management (UK)
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One of the early tasks that OXIRM set itself was to identify and track international moves.
OXIRM certainly agreed, and suggested that one way to think was to focus on the mode of expansion:
Different analyses from OXIRM and other researchers since the VIP work have produced rather variable results.
Richard Cuthbertson, OXIRM Research Director, at the 5th Conference on Retailing in Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, August 2009
In 1995, the European Retail Digest included an article by Henk de Wilt and Trichy Krishnan (1), following an OXIRM European Retailing Seminar dedicated to the concept of supply chain management.
Earlier OXIRM research was published in the series of Oxford Reports of Retailing.
It has become one of the main OXIRM research themes.
OXIRM was involved in the CIES Global Supply Chain Performance (GLOSUP) initiative.
To kick start the discussion, participants were given a presentation on retail development in India - a summary of the findings of the initial stages of research work undertaken in India by OXIRM earlier in the year.
However, relevant strategic options and key indicators were identified for each scenario, which confirmed OXIRM research.
I help source and coordinate US speakers for OXIRM events, such as the Oxford Retail Futures Group and the Conference on Retailing in Asia Pacific.
He analyses the nature of retail innovation and format change using some of the latest research from OXIRM, and then he returns to an area of special expertise, the use of technology in retailing, and more particularly, the limits to and constraints on the better use of technology.