OXPOffice XP (Microsoft)
OXPOpen Extensibility Platform (Hewlett-Packard)
OXPOther Xperience (band)
OXPOpen Expose (German online photo album)
OXPOolite Expansion Pack (gaming)
OXPOxford Paper Company
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Carriers and operators can offer a wide range of revenue-generating, IP-based messaging services on a cost-effective basis with Ensemble OXP, including the following: multimedia; notification; unified communications; network IVR; and call management services.
Specifically, Ensemble OXP includes a VXML-based unified communications application (voice/fax/e-mail); an open, unified message store, an open, unified directory server; an open, unified notification server; a standard-based media server; a commodity-application server platform; and an open services platform (OSP) integration environment.
Pharmaceutical company Oxford Pharmascience (LSE:OXP) announced on Friday that it has signed a Heads of Terms agreement with Hermes Pharma to license and develop a range of products using the Company's OXP zero ibuprofen technology.
Hermes Pharma has also been granted an option to explore the development of a range of ibuprofen suspension products in sachets based on the OXP zero technology, which would fall under the same terms as the granules license, the company revealed.
The new platform, Ensemble OXP, is a fully open, multi-service foundation that provides greater flexibility to service providers who want to bundle next-generation subscriber services for various market segments while reducing total cost of ownership.
Unisys Communications Ensemble OXP integrates new revenue-generating services into the carrier's infrastructure, enabling elimination of service silos, faster time-to-market and reductions in service delivery costs.
Axium Process Lid, Hendy Industrial Estate, Hendy, Swansea SA4 OXP.
Axium Process Ltd, Hendy Industrial Estate, Handy, Swansea SA4 OXP.