OXPOffice XP (Microsoft)
OXPOpen Extensibility Platform (Hewlett-Packard)
OXPOpen Expose (German online photo album)
OXPOolite Expansion Pack (gaming)
OXPOxford Paper Company
OXPOther Xperience (band)
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Unisys Communications Ensemble OXP integrates new revenue-generating services into the carrier's infrastructure, enabling elimination of service silos, faster time-to-market and reductions in service delivery costs.
As part of the development of Ensemble OXP applications, Unisys is working with key third-party solution providers.
The new platform, Ensemble OXP, is a fully open, multiservice foundation intended to provide greater flexibility to service providers who want to bundle next-generation subscriber services for various market segments while reducing total cost of ownership.
Carriers and operators can offer a wide range of revenue-generating, IP-based messaging services on a cost-effective basis with Ensemble OXP, including the following: multimedia; notification; unified communications; network IVR; and call management services.
Between September 25, 1998 and May 1, 2001 a total of 123 advanced CRC patients were consented and enrolled in a compassionate use study in which OXP 85 mg/[m.
23,24) When combined with 5-FU in the relapsed setting, de Gramont et al (25) championed the use of OXP 85 to 100 mg/[m.
Noting that the area of the triangle OXP (x, y) is [1/2] xy(x) and y(x) = 2[x.
The Heights, Brooklands Weybridge Surrey KT 13 OXP UK