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OXPHOSOxidative Phosphorylation (metabolic pathway)
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For establishing the reference interval, 115 reference samples with no biochemical evidence for an OXPHOS defect were included.
At the early stage of an OXPHOS disorder, the only morphologic change that might be noted in a muscle biopsy is accumulation of mitochondria in the subsarcolemmal region.
We used galactose-based medium, which drives the cell toward the OXPHOS system for ATP production, thereby increasing the differences between control and patient fibroblasts (14, 15), for subsequent experiments in fibroblasts.
60) The importance of OXPHOS has been studied by using mitochondrial inhibitors.
MitoTox[TM] provides a solution for measuring every known xenobiotic mito-toxic mechanism, from direct effects on OXPHOS to alteration of mitochondrial biogenesis to induction of apoptosis and everything in between, so the results from this study should provide a very comprehensive data set to inform future drug development.
This is done through a process called oxidative phosphorylation, or OxPhos for short.