OXSOxygen Sensor
OXSOpen Xchange Server (Novell)
OXSObjective X-Ray Crystal Spectrometer
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On further analyses we evaluated the simultaneous impact of treatment on OxS levels.
Furthermore, to evaluate the FEP patients' posttreatment status regarding OxS markers levels compared to CS (adjusted for age, gender, and smoking status), GLM was performed.
Therefore, all helpful information (e.g., clinical inspection of actual OxS signature of a patient) for applying contemporary treatment should be taken into account.
Recent articles have shown that OxS plays a role in the etiopathogenesis of psychiatric disorders starting with FEP [9].
As systemic OxS is a part of the pathogenetic mechanism of chronic psychotic disorder and is causing changes in the entire organism [20], it is reasonable to assess systemic OxS level in the early phase of chronic psychotic disorder.
Another recent study also revealed no significant changes in some OxS markers (lipid or protein oxidation or nitric oxide production) in FEP patients compared to CS [10].
However, one has to note that such positive effects of antipsychotic treatment on low-grade inflammation and OxS-status of FEP patients did not continue in long-term chronic schizophrenia patients who developed significant high-grade OxS. In order to support and illustrate the importance of clinical inspection of OxS signature in different stadiums of chronic psychotic disorder, we would give a brief overview of the unpublished results of SCZ patients (n = 99) compared to CS (n = 51) gained by using the same methodology as in this current study.
Thus, based on our previous [14] and current data we believe that, already after the diagnosis of FEP, the following treatment strategy has to consider both inflammation and OxS as tightly interrelated counterparts.
Although our results should be confirmed in a larger group of patients, they, nevertheless, suggest that there is a need to consider the changes caused by OxS at the early phase of chronic psychotic disorder.
We did not find changes in OxS signature in FEP patients.