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OXTOutdoor Cross Training
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According to Marazziti and Dell'Osso, it is well established that OXT acts on the hypothalmic-pituitay-adrenal axis.
Glucocorticoids and their upstream regulators, OXT, corticotrophin-releasing hormone, arginine vasopressin, and ACTH, have also been shown to be altered in PTSD.
With respect to anxiety and arousal, in animal studies, OXT has been shown to potentiate the anxiolytic effect of diazepam through its action on the amygdale and inhibits the norepinepherine system's arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, while increasing parasympathetic tone.
Apart from OXT, cooperation depends on environment, competition, social hierarchy, temperament, and punishment.
The role of OXT in cooperation is compatible with the innateness thesis and alternative theories of cooperation, grounded on coalition-making for warfare or social dominance.
Treatment of ewes or goats with an OXT antagonist, and passive or active immunization of ewes against OXT or continuous infusion of OXT to down-regulate OXTR prevents or significantly delays luteolysis.
Thus, P4, PGR, E2, ESR1, OXT and OXTR have central roles in the mechanism for uterine secretion of luteolytic PGF.
2] production when stimulated with E2, OXT, and IL-1[beta] (Pavan et al.
Increased sensitivity to OXT via OXTR up-regulation causes activation of the uterine tissues at term.
In 2012, the first genetic evidence for the role OXT plays in moral judgment emerged from a neuroscience research group at the University of Bonn.
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