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OXTOutdoor Cross Training
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Therefore, our aim was to investigate the relationship between serum OXT levels and depression and disease activity in RA.
The OXT gene, producing oxytocin, is downregulated by citalopram.
Activated cells fire SA1 (slow adapting of firing train) nerves belonging to the A[beta] class, which in turn release chemicals such as Oxt and NO from their nerve endings in the DRG.
"When methylation increases on the OXT gene, this may correspond to a reduction in this gene's activity.
Por outro lado, em cultivos primarios de celulas epiteliais do endometrio bovino foi demonstrado que a OXT induz o acumulo de PGF2[alfa] (6).
It is very likely that such interactions activate intracerebral OXT pathways contributing to the positive mental and physical health effects of dog ownership.
Discussing the differences in social behavior between montane and prairie voles, Churchland explains that mating for life, shared parenting, nest-guarding, and social clustering characteristic of prairie but not montane voles could be explained partly by the higher density of AVP and OXT receptors in their ventral pallidum and nucleus accumbens (part of the reward-punishment system) regions of the brain, which in turn can be explained by different environmental conditions.
sativa (Black Seed) in conjunction with the anti biotic oxytetracycline (OXT) in pigeons.
Oxytocin (OXT) stimulates amnion prostaglandin biosynthesis and directly stimulates myometrial contractions.
A novel matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry-coupled XT assay was recently described within the context of characterizing Drosophila melanogaster peptide O-xylosyltransferase (OXT), which is also a proteoglycan xylosyltransferase (15).
(1) Dada una ecuacion diferencial ordinaria de primer orden, si se cumplen las siguientes condiciones: (i) puede expresarse en su forma normal dx/dt = F(x, t); (ii) F(x, t) y dF/dx son continuas en cierto dominio D del plano Oxt; y (iii) ([x.sub.0], [t.sub.0]) es un punto de tal dominio, entonces existe una solucion unica x(t) de tal ecuacion diferencial que satisface x = [x.sub.0] para t = [t.sub.0] (cfr.