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OXYOccidental Petroleum Corporation (stock symbol)
OXYOxyContin (slang for prescription drug; aka OC)
OXYOccidental College (California)
OXYOxygen (Womens' cable channel)
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Los Angeles, California-based Oxy earlier reported net income of $1.
The MOG says by end-2010, Oxy would raise production to 130,000 b/d.
Al Wajba first went to work for Oxy in 2008 and has remained continuously on contract with it.
Oxy had previously signed MoU with the Abu Dhabi government-owned Mubadala Development Co.
Project status Oxy plans to build a crude oil stabilisation plant at the Mukhaizna Field, aimed at maintaining reservoir pressure and production levels at the field.
Of the four shortlisted IOCs for the contract - Oxy, Shell, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips - only Oxy has yet to obtain an upstream equity interest.
President and General Manager of Oxy Qatar, Stephen Kelly, said, "We are very pleased once again to provide these fascinating and informative books to students and visitors during the Qatar Petroleum Environmental Fair.
Through the partnership with Abu Dhabi state-owned Mubadala Development on the highly profitable Dolphin project, Oxy has gained a strong regional state partner to provide cash and clout, plus a highly lucrative stake in an energy project that will be producing for decades.
Oxy will try to maximise the recovery rate through to 2011 under a programme in which total investments may exceed $2,000m.
In mid-1999 Oxy, which had a 29% stake in CanOxy, proposed acquiring the Canadian affiliate's controlling 52% equity in Masila.