OY3Option Year Three
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Inhibition zone diameter interpretive table by pathogen B70 B122 B183 Probiotic candidates Res Int Sus Res Int Sus Res Int Sus OY2 O O O OY3 O O O OY4 O O O OY5 O O O OY6 O O O OY9 O O O OY11 O O O OY15 O O O S1 O O O S2 O O O S5 O O O S6 O O O S7 O O O S3 O O O S9 O O O Zone diameters based on standards from CLSI Document MI00-S17 (M2): Disc Diffusion Supplemental Tables, Performance Standards for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards 1997).
Geological Survey of Canada, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A OY3
OTCBB:SNRN) (BERLIN:OY3) President and CEO Peter Ostenfeld-Rosethal is pleased to announce that the Company has commenced trading on the Berlin Stock Exchange under the trading symbol OY3 and the German securities code (WKN) 925779.