OYDPOgoni Youth Development Project (Nigeria)
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The 2014 OYDP FAQ 44 provides that delinquent FBARs arc required to be filed electronically at FinCEN's website.
The 2014 OYDP requires that account statements be provided for all foreign financial accounts regardless of the account balance.
Complete and accurate information returns are required to be filed for all applicants disclosing foreign entities which held OYDP assets,.
When spouses both desire to participate in OYDP, they may do sojoindy or separately.
Under the 2014 OYDP, practitioners submitting OYDP civil packages on behalf of clients may submit voluminous documents not requiring original signatures (e.
New OVDP FAQ 30: For taxpayers having difficulty obtaining overseas records, the modified 2014 OYDP has an update to FAQ 30, which instructs taxpayers to carefully document their attempts.
Taxpayers have 45 days to submit a complete voluntary disclosure package from the date of the preliminary acceptance to the OYDP.