OYFOutstanding Young Farmer (award)
OYFOptic Yellow Felt (band)
OYFOntario Young Friends (Quaker youth group in Ontario, Canada)
OYFOffend Your Friends
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Referrals to OYF come from allied health, the emergency department (ED), CNSs, medical specialists or GPs.
These include an allied health clinic, a geriatrician clinic, or the OYF programme.
Patients who are placed on the OYF programme participate in a six-week education and exercise programme which incorporates falls prevention, self-care and graded strength, cardiovascular and balance exercises.
However, OYF staff have found that if the programme is promoted as a way of enabling patients to maintain their ability to navigate stairs/home environments, participate in activities they enjoy and stay living in their own home, most people will be willing to become involved.
The total cost of running a six-week OYF intervention programme is $1231 including staff costs and overheads, so approximately 10 OYF programmes can be provided for the cost of one surgery for a fractured femur.
Improvements were demonstrated in all patient outcome measures, both clinical and qualitative, with clinically relevant findings in reducing predicted falls risk following completion of the OYF programme.
Alternatively, you can send your completed collector coupon with an A4 stamped self-addressed envelope (stamps to the value of 84p) to: Walking with Beasts Video Offer, PO BOX 700, Washington, NE38 OYF.
Then send the completed collector coupon with a stamped A4 SAE (stamps to the value of 41p) to: Walking with Beasts Video Poster Offer, PO BOX 700, Washington, NE38 OYF.