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OZIOkubo-Zweig-Iizuka rule (physics)
OZIOsmium Zinc Iodide
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In addition, the young and talented musician, OZI, performed his most famous song, 'BO,' at the event.
Following an inquest in 2017 into Ozi's death and concerns raised by the Coroner's Prevention of Future Deaths Report, the case was referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
But Ozi can afford the good stuff, and Black Label is fine by me,.." (Hamid, 2000, p.13).
Roulet-Cugni (eds.), Charles Rollier, 1912-1968, Charles Rollier ozi la trans-figuration, Geneve, 1998, pp.
[...] Sarebbe stato felice anche di digiunare perche provava un'avidita intensa di mutar vita, di espiar gli ozi passati, compreso il soverchio tempo dato ai fiori e alla musica, di espiar tutte le passate mollezze, tutte le debolezze, comprese quelle per la cucina raffinata e per i vini scelti.
Douglas reports a similar situation for the ozi goblet drum traditions among ethnic minorities in eastern Burma (Myanmar) who live in the transitional zone between the Burman lowlands and the Shan highlands.
"At least 20 houses have been burnt to the ground," Red Cross regional chief Mwanaisha Hami told AFP, naming the villages as Bura Kipini and Ozi. "The villages were abandoned, no casualties have been recorded."
Later, Daru becomes the lover of Mumtaz, wife of Ozi, his best friend.
Snow-removing equipment has already been provided for the vulnerable areas, including Khwak and Gardi Serai in Ozi district.
By categorizing them as a new group--the "present absentees"--Israel thereby managed to usurp their land and properties through the Law of Absentees' Properties (Ozi Benzamen and Attalah Mansour 1992, 161).
The bureaucracy represented by Ozi's father and Ozi and the middle classes represented by Daru and Murad are not contributing to the economy.
Subat 1782 yilinda Bogdan voyvodasi Aleksandir; Moskov ve Nemce'nin gizli ittifakindan dolayi bu devletlere karsi bolgede hazirlikli olmak ve hizli mudahale etmek icin Tuna nehrinin denize dokuldugu yerde bulunan Ozi sehrinden baska, Bender muhafizinin da yardima gelmesi icin emir verilmesini ihtar etmektedir.