OZMOOstrowieckie Zaklady Materialow Ogniotrwalych (Polish: Ostrowieckich Betting Refractory Materials)
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Now, Ozmo Devices and Wolfson Microelectronics have teamed to develop a reference design based upon Wi-Fi PAN that provides long battery life in very small form factors," said Dave Timm, president and CEO, Ozmo Devices.
"Ozmo Devices understands that creating a joint reference design kit such as this enables our customers to make the best, high quality products possible."
The Ozmo Devices' OZMO1000 is a fully integrated IC leveraging Ozmo's Wi-Fi PAN technology.
"Delivering reference designs and collaborating with established partners like Wolfson Microelectronics gives Ozmo Devices an important advantage to rapidly bring high performance Wi-Fi PAN solutions to market."
Ozmo technology was selected for its market-leading low power and latency Wi-Fi Direct offerings said Peter Mortenson, marketing director at Haier.
Ozmo s Wi-Fi Direct technology, unlike other RF technologies, utilizes the Wi-Fi adapter already included in the TV, set-top box, Blu-Ray, PC or mobile device, eliminating the need to add another RF module to the platform.
The new applications for Wi-Fi connected Smart TVs are making it imperative for interactive set-top box and TV manufacturers to adopt high-performance technologies like Wi-Fi PAN, said Bill McLean, CEO of Ozmo Devices.
Likewise, the CCC's second product is called Ozmo, a service that puts photographers, bloggers, and artists in the driver's seat for licensing their user-generated content online.
Bloggers, illustrators, videographers, and photographers can set up a free Ozmo profile and then set their own licensing terms.
And in case you're wondering, the name Ozmo isn't an acronym, and it doesn't have any hidden meaning.
Ozmo Devices announced today that it has received USD7.5m in Series C funding from existing investors.
Ozmo also said that the willingness of the investors to provide further funds showed that the company has long term market potential.