OZOOranje Zal Overwinnen (code used during German occupation in Netherlands)
OZOOesterreichische Zoo Organisation (German: Austrian Zoo Organization)
OZOOmicron Sigma Omicron
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Peter Henley, the company chief executive officer, said, 'We are truly delighted to have this unparalleled opportunity to debut the OZO brand in such a prime location in one of the world's most vibrant cities.
Onyx Hospitality Group operates four hotel brands, Saffron, Amari, Shama and OZO.
At the same time, the assessment and development well drilling campaign began in April 2007 with the workover on OZO 1ST, followed by drilling of the Onal 302D, 701D, 702D and Onal-703 wells.
This well confirms the eastern limit of the structure discovered by ONAL 2 and ONAL 3 at the center and bordered by OZO 1 to the North West.
The sale of OZO to JOT Automation represents a tremendous opportunity for OZO's customers, employees, and shareholders," according to David J.
The acquisition of OZO can now provide a unique range of products to customers worldwide.
The proposed transaction, which is scheduled to close before the end of the year, is still subject to satisfactory due diligence, preparation of definitive agreements, and OZO shareholder approval among other standard closing conditions.
ParaTec has introduced several new products recently including its new technology ParaClean polymers, new grades of Paracril OZO (NBR/PVC blends) with enhanced physical properties, and a new line of more fully compounded Paracril OZO products to meet special customer and market applications.
Brant, who has an MS in accounting, an MBA in finance and is a CPA comes to Isonics from OZO Diversified Automation, Inc.
The two ozos talk to each other about what Danda has told them and find that they are unable to determine what actually happened--a situation difficult to remedy because the chief has just died, which is why there is a dance in the ebe.
Danda's family wants his father to be the new chief, and since ozos comprise the electorate, since Danda's family has the most ozos, and since each ozo member of his family, prior to the election, swears a solemn oath that he will not break rank, it seems certain that Araba will become chief.