oztOunces Troy (weight measurement)
oztOperation Zero Tolerance (Governor's Office of Highway Safety; Georgia)
oztOnes and Zeros Technologies, Inc. (California)
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224 million from the Sindh Government under the head of the OZT which the latter collected from July 2006 to March 2012 but the sum was not released to the corporation.
Sindh, on the other hand, was additionally compensated for the OZT losses by giving an additional grant of 6 billion annually.
2 billion Development Grants (PSDP and Foreign), Rs133 billion OZT.
This amount was distributed on audited collection share of OZT.
6 billion, and the receipts under grant to offset losses from abolition of OZT are estimated at Rs 10.
TMA Larkana which has huge monthly budget called OZT Rs 25million and its own assets and other earnings through taxes, TMA is onlyworking on street lights but all were plunged into darkness and making paymentsto huge number of employees, except that it has no role in development,sanitation, planning and other civic issues.