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Carbon sources % Residual activity Glucose 65 Maltose 45 Fructose 50 Mannose 52 Lactose 13 Arabinose 52 Galactose 43 Sucrose 12 Xylose 85 Oat spelt xylan 100 Birchwood xylan 94 Agro residues Rice Straw 29 Wheat Straw 72 Sugarcane bagasse 64 Corn cobs 87 Rice husks 42 Groundnut shells 25 Saw dust 21 Table 3: Purification of xylanase isolated from halobacterium-OKH.
Enzyme assays were done with oat spelt xylan from Sigma Chemical Co., U.S.A.
Xylanase activity was measured by incubating 0.5ml of 1.0% (w/v) oat spelt xylan in 0.02 M phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) and 0.5 ml of suitably diluted enzyme extract at 45 [degrees]C for 30 min.