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OBADObadiah (Old Testament)
OBADOrganization for Bipolar Affective Disorder
OBADOperating Budget Authority/Accounting Document
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Then they take up specific texts and contexts, among them releasing the story of Esau from the words of Obadiah, true fasting and unwilling hunger in Isaiah 58, and a mujerista hermeneutics of justice and human flourishing.
himself, or Obadiah Elihue ransacking the book of tattoos, coming home
He embodies characters such as The Warden Septimus Harding, Dr Grantly, The Bishop, and that notorious hypocrite, Mr Obadiah Slope.
Decipher the following Biblical equation - Obadiah + John = 35.
Obadiah the Proselyte, Diamond shows us how Maimonides "construct[s] a model of the convert as the only authentic Jew" (p.
Unbeknownst to Tony, his long-time friend and second in command at Stark Industries, Obadiah Stone, betrays Tony and sells the deadly Jericho to U.
Tony escapes thanks to a crude suit of armour and returning home a changed man, announces the end of Stark's weapons manufacturing arm - but members of the board including Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) have other ideas.
But not everyone is happy with his sudden change of heart and his second in command, treacherous Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), tries to persuade his boss to carry on doing what he does best.
Mo Hall, 45, paid pounds 50,000 for rare Suffolk Punch horses Sultan, Jack, Rupert and Obadiah and the three antique buses they haul along the same routes as their motor counterparts in Ringwood, Hants.
He announces he's getting out of the armaments business, alarming his business partner Obadiah Stane (a marvelous Jeff Bridges with a shaved head and goatee), who looks like he's going to stab Tony in the back every time he gives him a bearhug.
He then announces the immediate shutdown of the weapons manufacturing armof Stark Industries, to the shock and surprise of right-hand man Obadiah Stane (Bridges).
That's when he comes into conflict with his business partner Obadiah Stane, played by a bald, bearded Jeff Bridges who does his best as the villain of the piece in an underwritten role.