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OBADObadiah (Old Testament)
OBADObjectieve Bier Academie Diest (Belgian beer tasting association)
OBADOptimal Biologically Active Dose
OBADOrganization for Bipolar Affective Disorder
OBADOperating Budget Authority/Accounting Document
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Revealing that during captivity he "realized I have more to offer the world than making things that blow up," Tony announces his exit from the arms business, which sends his huge firm's stock plummeting and pits the ruthless Obadiah against him.
Jeff Bridges (surely one of the best American actors ever) has shaved his head and grown a hefty beard to play villainous Obadiah Stane, and boy does he have a good time.
It appears that Ahab recognized value in God-fearing people, and kept Obadiah as a counterbalance to Jezebel (cf.
At f/2.2, Obadiah was a little bit slow for our photographic search--it would require exposures of up to 15 minutes to reach the telescope's magnitude limit.
Obadiah, the Bold; Thy Friend, Obadiah; The Adventures of Obadiah; Rachel and Obadiah.
Citing a circa 1700-1800 era, the Bear Mountain Monacan acknowledge on their original membership rolls "Obadiah Nuckles (m.) Susan Nuckles" (30) Affirming a Bias/Bass lineage, the aforementioned Obadiah Knuckles was legally recognized as the natural or biological son of John Bias.
Barton dates Obadiah's two parts to different times.
Springdale businesswoman LaDonna Meredith has launched Obadiah, an ecumenical Christian magazine.
Unfortunately, a close reading of the fictions in Uncle Obadiah and the Alien does not support any of these judgments, and one is distressed to learn that, according to one of the endorsers, they "carry the news of island culture to the mainland."
Suspended lazily near the bottom of a clear little stream, a school of trout remained unmoved by the assortment of artificial flies, juicy worms, and fat grashoppers that Obadiah cast at them in desperate successiion.
After a survey of relevant literature, the prophetic texts which mention Edom are examined: Obadiah, Joel, Amos, Ezek.
He said it was a good thing I was not, and he then went along." The men who broke into Obadiah Stockley's house gave him some timely advice.