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OBSTLTOberstleutnant (German: military rank; Lieutenant Colonel)
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After the Soviet summer maneuvers of 1935, Oberstleutnant Jakoby, the commander of Luftwaffe Regiment General Goring was summoned to report to the Commandeer-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe at Romintern.
Oberstleutnant Martin Berg (Walhalla Fachverlag), 15.
Already on August 11,1942, the Wehrmacht commandant of Jessentuki, Oberstleutnant von Beck, had anticipated the work of EK 12 by forming a "Jewish Committee" in the town and used it to register and rob the Jewish families of any valuable possessions.
Thirteen Soldiers from the 69th Signal Battalion were awarded the Schutzenschnur by Oberstleutnant (lieutenant colonel) Kussinger in a closing ceremony held on 5 August 2009.
This myth proved persistent, as the 1965 account of Oberstleutnant Jeno von Egan-Krieger demonstrates:
If the pessimistic Oberstleutnant Hentsch [who had ordered the fateful retreat of the 2nd and 1st Armies] had crashed into a tree somewhere on his journey on 8 [and 9] September, or if he had been shot by a French straggler, then we would have had a cease-fire two weeks later and afterwards would have received a peace in which we could have wished for everything.
22) In order to ascertain the seriousness of the situation on the front, Oberstleutnant Richard Hentsch was sent to the front to report back on the situation as no news had been received from the endangered armies.
Oberstleutnant Reile, OKW, Leitstelle Abwehr III West an Verteiler, Einfluege feindlicher Spezialistenflugzeuge im Monat Maerz 44, Geheim, 3 May 1944 and Einfluege feindlicher Spezialistenflugzeuge im Monat April 44, Geheim, 4 June 1944, T-77, Roll 1515, No Frame #s.
Joan Hotz, the reporter's mother, had picked up a secondhand history book on Dunkirk, France, and read the following line: "More than 90 men of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment were machine-gunned by an execution party led by Oberstleutnant Fritz Knoechlein.