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Regular moderate exercise reduces advanced glycation and ameliorates early diabetic nephropathy in obese Zucker rats.
We have previously documented the cardiovascular benefits of a polyphenol-rich wild blueberry in a rat model with impaired vascular health and high blood pressure, our new findings show that these benefits extend to the obese Zucker rat, a widely used model resembling human MetS," Klimis-Zacas said.
Lyophilized apple counteracts the development of hypercholesterolemia, oxidative stress, and renal dysfunction in obese zucker rats.
Furthermore, in vitro studies demonstrated that exercise training resulted in an increased glucose uptake by skeletal muscle cells (14), even in the obese Zucker rats (13).
Understanding the role of glucocorticoids in obesity: tissue-specific alterations of corticosterone metabolism in obese Zucker rats.
The influence of pomegranate fruit extract in comparison to regular pomegranate juice and seed oil on nitric oxide and arterial function in obese Zucker rats.
The AGE formation inhibitor pyridoxamine (PM) is renoprotective in DN and in normoglycaemic obese Zucker rats.
For this purpose, obese Zucker rats and their lean littermates were used.