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OBJOlusegun Obasanjo (president of Nigeria)
OBJOrange Blossom Jamboree (Florida)
OBJObject File
OBJOrlando Business Journal
OBJObject Marker (linguistics)
OBJObjectivist Party (politics)
OBJRadar Training Device (US Navy)
OBJQueryObject Systems Corporation (stock symbol)
OBJOffences Brought to Justice (UK; also seen as OBTJ)
OBJOcala Business Journal
OBJOn-Board Jammer
OBJOfficial Black Jester (website)
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The second group of antagonists are those on whose toes OBJ had stepped in the past and who will never see anything good in the ex-president.
The PLI indicates that all sites except obj 08 revealed progressive deterioration of sites with PLI>1.
10) En el analisis de los ejemplos se utilizan las siguientes abreviaturas: ATR = atributo; CIRC = adyacente circunstancial; CL = clitico se; compl nom = complemento nominal; conj advers = conjuncion adversativa; CP = concordancia pragmatica; ES = estructura sintactica; NEG = negacion; OBJ DIR = objeto directo; OBJ PREP = objeto preposicional; OI = objeto indirecto; OSA = oracion subordinada adjetiva; OSAS = oracion subordinada adjetiva sustantivada; SUJ = sujeto; SPRAG = adyacente interpretado pragmaticamente como sujeto; V = verbo; VC = verbo copulativo; VIMP = verbo utilizado de primera intencion como impersonal; VI = verbo intransitivo; VMOD = verbo modal.
check] Actions on OBJ and consolidation and reorganization,
Once it has been created, an object OBJ will be in either of three states:
Yakima consultants felt a slight meaning difference between a semantic source marked OBJ and the same source marked ABL, with the examples in which the source was marked by ablative rather suggesting a physical location (for example, taken by force 'from the woman's place' vs.
Cost: STL Import for Alibre Design, $195; OBJ Import for Alibre Design, $195.
Fix the enemy on OBJ CAT in order to pass the battalion (-) along AXIS WHITE.
If OBJ is a DS or PS and the modifying operation is "INSERT INTO OBJ .
Aliyu Ahmed said: 'Buhari is too busy to allow the likes of OBJ to distract or intimidate him.
Also, the software upgrade will ensure that IDECM Common OBJ equipped aircraft can perform and survive their missions in the face of current and projected threats.