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OBJOh Be Joyful (beer; UK)
OBJOlusegun Obasanjo (president of Nigeria)
OBJOrange Blossom Jamboree (Florida)
OBJObject File
OBJOrlando Business Journal
OBJObject Marker (linguistics)
OBJObjectivist Party (politics)
OBJRadar Training Device (US Navy)
OBJQueryObject Systems Corporation (stock symbol)
OBJOffences Brought to Justice (UK; also seen as OBTJ)
OBJOcala Business Journal
OBJOn-Board Jammer
OBJOfficial Black Jester (website)
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The latter form matches the vocalization of the Hebrew object marker found before personal suffixes.
The variant /Ndakamupinza/ 'I immersed [her with it]' has the Class 1 subject object marker /mu-/ which though seemingly attempting to dignify the 'other' only subtly does so as the whole descriptive verb still carries the victim (not actor) connotation.
Since there were also many slaves from Indonesia in the Cape Colony, and since Pasar Malay marks animate DOs and IOs with sama `with', one might expect to find an alternative object marker met `with' in (some variety of) Afrikaans.
In Palestinian Jewish Aramaic the same etymological -it + pronoun object, also realized as -t + pronoun object, can be suffixed to a perfect verb as an object marker (qtl-it-wn "he killed them," Dalman 1905: 360).
In addition, the verb in Ikalanga also has prefixal elements which encode information about agreement with the subject, tense/aspect, object marker, negation and modality.
Distinct bound pronominal forms for subject and object also form part of a sentence; these register the person and number of these arguments, with the object marker following the subject marker.
if there were a nominal object in (10), it would necessarily take an object marker.
The definite object marker /ra/ is often pronounced /o/ after a consonant; e.g., /ketab o bede man/ 'give me the book!', but in the plural, /ketaba ro bede man/.
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