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Object of My Affection (15) Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd
Jennifer Aniston, 29, plays Nina Borowski, who falls for a gay pal in the film The Object Of My Affection and becomes pregnant:
"With each ballet he made for City Ballet, I became more and more convinced that he had quite a stupendous talent," explains Hytner, the out artist who directed The Object of My Affection and later recruited Wheeldon to choreograph his film Center Stage.
In The Object of My Affection, he plays ballroom dancing George, Jennifer Aniston's gay best friend.
The Friends beauty falls in love with just such an individual in the delightfully offbeat The Object Of My Affection (15).
Nicholas Hytner (The Object of My Affection), poised to take over the leadership of Britain's Royal National Theatre next year, directs the stage-musical adaptation of The Sweet Smell of Success, starring John Lithgow, on Broadway in February, while Scott Ellis directs Chris O'Donnell in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's first Broadway play, The Man Who Had All the Luck in March.
Object of my Affection, starring Jennifer Aniston, is a romantic comedy that pushed the tender lines between love, sex and friendship.
Ironically, despite the unpleasantness of the "outing" experience, Hawthorne subsequently played a key gay role in The Object of My Affection, the 1998 drama from King George director Nicholas Hytner that starred Paul Rudd as a gay man and Jennifer Aniston as his best friend.
The films you can see FREE are: City Of Angels (certificate 12), The Object Of My Affection (15), Dark City (15), The Exorcist (18), Mad City (15), Mimic (15), Wishmaster (18), Saviour (18), A Thousand Acres (15), Dad Savage (18), The James Gang (15), The General (15), Palmetto (15), Star Kid (PG).
The debut project from Garth Brooks's Red Strokes Entertainment, Call Me Claus boasts a gay and gay-friendly creative team, including the extraordinary (and out) actor Sir Nigel Hawthorne (The Madness of King George, The Object of My Affection) as the jolly man in the red suit, lesbian executive producer Lisa Sanderson, and executive producers Whoopi Goldberg (who also stars) and Brooks (who contributes a hatful of Christmas tunes).
Gay character Erik (played by Shakiem Evans), of course, who apparently gets short shrift in this hetero-heavy melodrama from openly gay director Nicholas Hytner (The Object of My Affection).
The notion of shifting sexuality, while not uncommon in recent European and Australian films, is less prevalent in the States--not counting reality-eschewing movies like The Object of My Affection.
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