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OOYAObject of Your Affection
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If you fancy winning over the object of your affections with a bag of candy floss or impressing them with your skills on hook the duck, the fair is a must-visit.
It's still quite a bit of cash but if you were out on a very hot date and needed to seriously impress the object of your affections, it could be 95 quid well spent.
Being dumped is never easy, but it's even harder to deal with when the object of your affections has given you the elbow in favour of your dad.
YOU'D think that finding out the object of your affections has slept with your mother might put you off, but not in Belle's case.
Beautiful Lovesongs is not just your average compilation album - you can personalise the sleeve with a special message, or even a picture, for the object of your affections.
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