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However, given the federal government budgeting process, additional funds for a good business case always come from something else under the total obligation authority (TOA).
In addition to the funds reallocated to the Small Business Administration (SBA) through Division B, Congress and the President agreed to an additional transfer of $712 million from the DRF to the SBA for disaster loan obligation authority (P.
An increase in highway obligation authority from $34.
The bill would grow highway obligation authority from $34.
When the actual obligations come in under expectations, the model conversely increases stock levels, building additional inventory with the remaining obligation authority to further lower the expected CWT.
2]S), a robust prototype software tool to support analysis and presentation of the Army Total Obligation Authority by portraying funding data from the appropriate Army databases.
The state must make obligation authority available to these projects in the same ratio that obligation authority is made available to the state.
Because of the difference of the scope and value of the 2014 LTO IT project, Belaro said, fresh government approvals including a multiyear obligation authority (MYOA) from the Department of Budget and Management are needed instead of the "recycled" ones the Transportation department is now using.
6 billion in NWCF Obligation Authority (OA), tracks and records more than $6.
a) The purpose of the agreement is a technical assistance contractor processing documents and proposals to ensure the obligation authority to take the national river basin management plans according to A* 24 paragraph 10 of the Water Act to meet the deadline for the submission of national management plans for approval to the Government of the Czech Republic under Act No.