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Although China is at pains to point out that CPEC is not a Trojan Horse for a political agenda, there is going to be a political impact wherever OBOR makes landfall, with increasing prosperity and improved lines of communication.
If the Chinese succeed in sucking India into the OBOR project of which CPEC is an important component, China will still not give up its claims on Indian territories.
It added that over 70 countries and international organisations, including the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and UN Security Council, have signed cooperation agreements with Beijing on the OBOR initiative and incorporated it into important resolutions.
OBOR is arguably the largest trans-continental infrastructure project the world has seen, designed to drive trade and capital flows between East and West.
The OBOR is a drive to raise hundreds of billions of dollars every year to link up all Chinas trade corridors with an improved network of railways, roads, pipelines, maritime lanes and utility grids, it said.
China is building at least 50 joint-venture science and technology labs with OBOR countries and plans over the next five years to train up to 5,000 foreign scientists, engineers and managers, the study notes.
When China hosted the OBOR Summit in Beijing in May 2017, with 110 countries and international organisations in attendance, the United States sent an official delegation led by Matt Pottinger, Special Assistant to President Trump, and Senior Director in charge of East Asia in the National Security Council.
OBOR is China's estimated USD5tn infrastructure spending plan that spans 60 countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.
Ac- cording to frontier and emerging markets investment firm Exotix Partners, some 8% of Tanzania's GDP in 2015 came from aggregate Chinese inflows, with over 3% accounted for by OBOR pledges.
Pakistan's eastern neighbour has publicly announced opposition to CPEC and we are well aware of the challenges, she added saying that as the flagship project of OBOR, CPEC is destined to serve as a game changer for the whole region.
Shah, accompanied by CMs of Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber had attended PM Nawaz Sharif's meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Prime Minister Li Kaqiang in Beijing to participate in the OBOR forum in May.