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OBSDOpen Bsd
OBSDOptical Beam Smoke Detector (fire safety)
OBSDObject-Based Storage Device
OBSDOcean Beach School District (Washington)
OBSDOutcome Based Service Delivery (East Central Alberta Child and Family Services; Canada)
OBSDOpen Berkeley System Distribution
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Data for 5 are as follows: [C.sub.9][H.sub.7][F.sub.3]N2S, mp 116-117[degrees]C, [sup.1]H NMR [delta] (CD[Cl.sub.3]) 2.29 (s, 3H), 7.15 (dd, 4.0 and 4.8 Hz, 1H), 7.25 (d, 4.0 Hz, 1H), and 7.43 (d, 5.0 Hz, 1H); [sup.13]C NMR [delta] (CD[Cl.sub.3]) 141.2 (q, 36 Hz, C5), 137.4 (C3), 129.7, 127.7, 126.5126.0 (thienyl), 121.6 (q, 268 Hz, C[F.sub.3]), 112.3 (C4), 8.5 (Me); HRMS m/z (M[H.sup.+]) [C.sub.9][H.sub.7][F.sub.3]N2S[H.sup.+] requires 233.0360, obsd 233.0360.