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As mentioned earlier, simple observable difference might not be always an evidence of DPF existence and may rather considered impact.
0.26 Again there is no observable difference between verbatim-reused and slightly modified classes (even though the significance improved compared to fault analysis results, it is still greater than 0.05) or between extensively modified and newly created classes.
"There have been observable differences between the two laws and the manner in which they are being applied by the bureaucracy at the present time," Lopez said
While presidential approval is known to vary by party identification, race, ideology, gender and other factors, the multivariate model can help discern whether those observable differences are primarily a function of relationships of those variables to party identification, or if some have effects beyond party.
The NDP envisions a South African society in 2030 that embraces its diversity rather than emphasizing observable differences along the contours of race, class, gender, religion, culture and other social constructions.
H1: There will be observable differences between The New York Times and other U.S.
Another possibility is that there are observable differences between equal and unequal partnerships that may account for the dissimilarity in the dynamics of the ownership structure.
Regarding 'atd' angle, Rosner and Spriggs [3] found no observable differences. This is similar to results of Saha et al [4].
Hall says: 'While they did work extremely closely during this period, it seems to me that there are distinct and objectively observable differences in the techniques of the two masters.'
Using PIHS data, the study first calculates the difference in socioeconomic characteristics of treated or remittances beneficiary households (RBH) and control or remittances non-beneficiary households (NRBH) ignoring endogeneity and observable differences. Second, it calculates the propensity score and evaluates the impact using data from common support area for both RBH and NRBH households.
We have now quantified the observable differences for the important diagnostic characteristics of eggsticks of C.
When an RCT is infeasible, researchers often estimate program impacts by comparing outcomes of program participants with those of a nonexperimental comparison group, adjusting for observable differences between the two groups.