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OCDETFOrganized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
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Keeping these challenges in mind, DOJ has a series of performance indicators--generally output measurements--that are used to evaluate the progress of the OCDETF program.
However, these measures of output may fail to provide estimates of the broader outcomes of the OCDETF program.
162) In FY2010, OCDETF filed 2,783 cases with the U.
The OCDETFs operate in nine regions around the country and
While OCDETFs operate throughout the country, Border Enforcement
Generally, over the past 12 years, the number of OCDETF cases filed
organizations, thus leading to a decrease in the number of OCDETF cases
The data on OCDETF cases do not, however, allow analysts to
OCDETF Cases Referred to the USAOs, by Federal Agency FY20010 DEA 1,519 FBI 593 ATF 233 ICE 196 IRS 33 Other 210 Source: CRS representation of data provided by USAO Congressional Affairs.
For more information on the OCDETF Program, see http://www.
enforcement has not focused efforts on OCDETF cases, and therefore did
The HIDTA program was faced with similar challenges to those of the OCDETF.