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OONOnly One Naked
OONOut of Nowhere
OONObject-Oriented Numerics (scientific computing)
OONOut of Network (health insurance)
OONOfficer of the Order of the Niger (national honor; Nigeria)
OONOptimization of Optical Networks (workshop)
OONOcean of Noise (Arcade Fire song)
OONOffice of Neighborhoods (community resource)
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The shouting I need not mention - it was the merest drop in an ocean of noise - and yet the character of the gale seems contained in the recollection of one small, not particularly impressive, sallow man without a cap and with a very still face.
On every side of this boiling mess, horns blare, police mobiles emit ear-splitting wails in the frustration of not being able to part the waters Moses-like, engines roar, and the almost solid ocean of noise is cut with the cries of hawkers and beggars.
Psychosis II (featuring Immy Williams), Ocean Of Noise and Town Crier.
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