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The oceanic lithosphere under the ocean trench has close to neutral buoyancy (combining the 2.9 g/[cm.sup.3] 7-10 km thick oceanic crust with the 3.27 g/[cm.sup.3] 50-90 km thick rigid peridotite upper mantle).
The Oceanic crust, from accretion to mantle recycling, Springer--Praxis, Chichester, UK, pp: 390.
These measurements then allowed the researchers to determine oxygen concentration in seawater circulating in the rocks of the oceanic crust itself.
Geologists and other earth scientists from Europe, North America, and Australia discuss such topics as the geochemistry and secular geochemical evolution of the Earth's mantle and lower crust, geochemistry of the oceanic crust, some perspectives on stable isotope geochemistry, the geochemistry of the geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide, urban geochemistry, and archaeological and anthropological applications of isotopic and elemental geochemistry.
"The oceanic crust comprises 60% of the surface of our planet, so it is particularly pleasing to see work in this area recognised."
Now, using detailed paleogeographic reconstructions, scientists from Royal Holioway, University of London and Utrecht University in the Netherlands have proposed a new explanation: the 'rollback' of a single slab of oceanic crust. They suggest that as the slab sank into the mantle, the subduction zone rolled back into the Australian plate as it migrated northwards.
Some topics include: continental and oceanic lithosphere structure from long-range seismic profiling, the fate of subducted oceanic crust and the origin of intraplate volcanism, volatiles in the mantle lithosphere, deformable lithospheric plates, space and time variations of elastic and anelastic properties in the shallow lithosphere, and possible paleoshorelines and the evolution of the lithosphere on Mars.
Although ophiolite generally is interpreted to be oceanic crust (i.e., Coleman, 1977; Le Maitre, 1989) and upper mantle, the use of the term should be independent of its supposed origin (Anonymous, 1972; Wilson, 1989).
The notion that rifted continental margins consist of thinned, extended continental crust abutting normal oceanic crust was dispelled years ago, nowhere more emphatically than in studies of the Iberian margin, where serpentinized peridotite was discovered intervening between extended continental crust and oceanic crust.
The bacterial communities in oceanic crust were as fertile and prodigious as those found in soil on farms.
Indeed, to explain the presence of certain radioactive elements in Earth's oceanic crust, it's thought that a nearby supernova, possibly originating from the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association when it was much closer to us, exploded some 3 million years ago (S&T: March 2007, page 26).
Dr Macleod said, 'The oceanic crust is usually 6km to 7km thick but the Earth's crust seems to be absent in this area of the Atlantic.