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AGOROceanographic Research Ship
AGORAccelerateur Groningen-Orsay
AGORAuxiliary General Oceanographic Research (US DoD)
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"This is an oceanographic research ship, it has to be very precise about where they move but not cause any disturbance in the water.
The narrative follows the adventures of Rebecca and Doug as they are passed off to their Uncle Fitzroy MacKenzie, captain of the oceanographic research ship Expedient.
The lander system will be deployed from and recovered to an oceanographic research ship, and will remain deployed and fully functioning for up to 16 months on it~s mission for data gathering.
The endeavor kicked off in grand fashion when in July 1984 Secretary of the Navy John Lehman and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral James Watkins announced their "Navy Policy on Oceanography." It stated, in part, "Oceanographic research ship will be procured.
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