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OCOOffice of Community Outreach (various schools)
OCOOrbiting Carbon Observatory
OCOOld Cornish (linguistics)
OCOOracle Connector for Outlook
OCOOverseas Contingency Operations
OCOObject Code Only
OCOOrganic Certification Organization (organic foods; Japan)
OCOOstrobothnian Chamber Orchestra (Finland)
OCOOffice of Climate Observation (NOAA)
OCOOperating Capital Outlay
OCOOffensive Cyberspace Operation
OCOOnline Channel Optimization
OCOOrange County Open (golf tournament; California)
OCOOort Cloud Object
OCOOffice of Central Operations
OCOOverall Control Office
OCOOne Cancels the Order (banking, foreign exchange)
OCOOperational Contracting Officer
OCOOffice of Civilian Operations
OCOOff-Load Control Officer
OCOOperating and Control Organization
OCOOperational Capabilities Objective
OCOOffice, Chief Ordnance
OCOOklahoma Community Orchestra
OCOOffice of the Credit Ombudsman
OCOOahu Civic Orchestra (Hawaii)
OCOOlathe Community Orchestra (Olathe, KS)
OCOOakland Civic Orchestra (Oakland, CA)
OCOOptimal Cycle Ordering
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In the field of medicine, everything is evidence-based,' Oco said.
The 2020 "real OCO" budget contains $67 billion in funding to pay for ongoing US conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere.
When a fiscal agreement is eventually reached, he expects the OCO number to be more in line with what it has been in recent years, perhaps somewhere in the $55 billion to $65 billion range.
Oco added that there are only 63 Bahay Pag-asa facilities nationwide, five of which are no longer operational.
Sub-human conditions, they lack the minimum staff requirements, they even lack food for children,' Oco said.
Critics, including some senior members of Congress, have blasted this misuse of OCO. Representative Paul Ryan, the outgoing Speaker of the House, once termed OCO "o backdoor loophole that threatens the integrity of the budget process." (6) Senator John McCain called it a "gimmick." Some members of Congress have sought to reduce or eliminate OCO by law, though so far without success.
The first ethical analysis of OCO by a moral philosopher was by philosophy professor Dr.
Sultanate, represented by OCO during crises and disasters.
OCO Global provides market entry support, business intelligence for trade and investment, trade mission support, business development, advisory, trends analysis and software solutions to economic development organisations and private companies seeking to enter new markets or grow their domestic base.
Students also benefit from live interaction with their cohort and teachers," states OCO Director Vicki Conway.
When combined with $16.44 billion from its own resources for grants and loans and technical assistance, total assistance reached $27.17 billion, says ADB's Office of Cofinancing Operations (OCO) in its annual report released today at ADB's Annual Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.
Pakistan lies at the heart of the US counter-terrorism strategy, the peace process in Afghanistan, nuclear non-proliferation efforts, and economic integration in South and Central Asia, state department said of aid earmarked for Pakistan under the overseas contingency operations (OCO) fund.